Corporate Social Responsibility

Due to rapid urbanization and the corresponding industrial development, Bengaluru is faced with issues of gargantuan proportions, especially with regard to water supply, eco-reserves and safe urban infrastructure. The city today needs corporate establishments’ intervention in easing these developmental and environmental challenges. By paying heed to the needs of the city, you gain an opportunity to develop great trust and confidence among the citizens on your organization’s effort in their real development.

Whether originating from external or internal drivers, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) trend seems to be ‘infectious’ and has triggered an incremental growth in business-NGO collaboration. And in today’s world partnerships and collaborations make for an effective business case with respect to attaining maximum impact for a given CSR capital investment.

Employee engagement

Engaging employees in a corporate sustainability mission is important for success. If employees’ values echo their organization’s values, and if they have faith that their company genuinely cares about the same things they care about, then they are more energized and productive. A company’s CSR efforts signal what it cares about. Their co-benefit is that they seem to increase employee engagement.

We at NBF believe that an opportunity exists to achieve a step change in our city’s growth and to enhance your employee satisfaction and hence we urge respected companies like yours to work more extensively in partnership with organizations like ours.

As a step forward, we request you to consider partnering with us in our Kere Habba and Namma Swachh Bengaluru initiatives, where with your privileged support we can enhance awareness levels of the local community, facilitate protection of flora and fauna, execute water treatment plans, address waste management issues and eventually restore Bengaluru’s grandeur.

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