Today, Bengaluru is at an inflection point, where if immediate & right decisions aren’t taken, the city will fall into further chaos, anarchy & corruption. Experts say that by 2020, the population of Bengaluru could exceed 16 million (1.6 crores). As ugly civic realities takeover the city, for Bengalureans the deteriorating quality of life is fast becoming their primary concern! Here is an urgent need to usher in deep rooted systematic changes.

With the conclusion of BBMP Elections 2015 and having elected our Corporators, it is imperative that Citizens of Bengaluru get involved in the rescue and development of our city. Bengaluru is in desperate need of:

  • Citizen-centric Governance
  • Corruption-free and Transparent BBMP and other parastatals
  • Statutory Planning & better Coordination between parastatals
  • Zero Tolerance for Corruption, illegal constructions & encroachments
  • Active Citizen Partnerships Can Reclaim ‘Namma Bengaluru’

In our fight to reclaim Bengaluru, Namma Bengaluru Foundation along with Bangalore Residents Associations Confederation Ensemble (BRACE) and a group of Eminent Citizens have joined hands with the sole objective of driving citizen participation in governance and addressing issues of rampant corruption, non-governance and neglect.

We call our Initiative the NAMMA BENGALURU FOUNDATION – CITIZEN PARTNERSHIP or NBF-CP, which is passionately committed to Bengaluru. We will highlight city and governance issues, through the following interventions:

  • Citizens’ Survey called the Namma Bengaluru State of the City Report
  • Measurement of Corporator Performance by putting up a Corporator Report Card
  • Ensuring Ward Participation in Development Plans
  • Availability of Ward level Information in the Public Domain

NBF-CP will relentlessly work to usher in transparency in the functioning of Government. We seek your Support for NBF-CP towards eradicating corruption from Bengaluru and making people’s representatives and administrative officers accountable!

Read the detailed charter: