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United Bengaluru

Bengaluru once enjoyed a pleasant climate, which saw flowers blooming, lakes thriving, sprawling green pastures and more. However, sadly today the due to rapid urbanisation, unplanned development and uncontrollable land mafia our lakes are being encroached upon, exploited and destroyed. This rapid disappearance of lakes, coupled with widespread exploitation of underground water will lead to irreversible damage of our city’s water security and overall quality of life. The result of criminal neglect and haphazard growth is there for everyone to see. From the soaring Mercury levels to the depleting fauna and flora, Bengaluru is moving to become an unlivable city.

With government agencies turning a blind eye, the onus now lies at the hands of citizens to protect our city’s lakes from rampant destruction. Several citizen groups have already made inroads and championed the cause of a handful of lakes. However, what Bengaluru desperately needs is for each and every citizen to come together with a sole mission of restoring and protecting all our lakes. 

Under the able guidance of senior freedom fighter Shri HS Doreswamy, the Naagarika – Citizens Watch Committee along with citizens, urban experts and lake activists and groups on May 13, 2017 launched the #UnitedBengaluru campaign to reclaim and protect our lakes. Since its launch, the team has inspected several lakes across Bengaluru to assess the extent of deterioration, encroachment and dumping of domestic and industrial effluents. The team has also successfully lodged complaints at various police stations. The mismanagement of lakes has resulted in public nuisance and public health crisis, which has been the basis of these complaints. 

The motive of the visits are to ensure that Citizens use the National Green Tribunal (NGT) Order on Dumping into Lakes throughout Bengaluru. As per the NGT order each violation must be fined INR 5,00,000. The experts encourage the Citizens to use United Bengaluru as a platform to end encroachment and dumping of lakes and send a copy of the complaint on violations to unitedbengaluru17@gmail.com

Watch: Save Bengaluru’s lakes or our city will R.I.P.

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